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kirk timmons artwork

Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Kirk Timmons. I am an artist and illustrator living in Davison, Michigan.  I am a graduate of Michigan State University.  This website features my artwork by category of subject matter.  Please check out each of them.

Over the years I have tried my luck at production pottery, painting, sports art, portraiture, graphic design, murals and a little bit of everything in between. However, ink drawing and mixed media illustration is what I love to do the most. 


I call my style "loose realism", though realistic, I rely on the textures and visual effects unique to the materials I use to enhance the composition or design.  I use pencil, colored pencil, ink, gouache and occasionally acrylic or watercolor paint and pastel on paper.


The artwork featured in this website is for sale as prints.  A few original pieces may also be available for sale.  If interested, please visit my Etsy shop or email me directly.



In addition, I currently have a series of illustrations of major league baseball legends available at

I enjoy working with clients to come up with a collaborative design that will meet their needs. If you have questions about artwork featured on this website or commissioning artwork or illustrations, please email me. 




If you would like to see new artwork as it is completed, please follow me on instagram and twitter.  Thank you for visiting my website.  I welcome your comments, suggestions, and inquiries.

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